AAR Tracking offers a wild range of vehicle tracking, our foundation in auto mobile fleet management and services has given us an edge, when it comes to vehicle handling, installation and maintenance of tracking devices


Our vehicle tracking system is based on global positioning system (GPS) and general packet radio service (GPRS) to transmit data to your computer and mobile device. All devices are made in Europe, tested for quality and durability. giving you the ability to:


Our fleet management system leverages on the GPS tracking system giving you the ability to:

  • Locate and Stop the vehicle engine from your computer or mobile device in case of theft
  • See entire vehicleís location simultaneously on our internet web-based application via your computer in real time
  • See where your vehicle is on the open street map via the internet. However, there is possibility of viewing on google map as well
  • Export all necessary reports to MS excel
  • Separate business Kilometre from private kilometer
  • effective fuel management
  • Monitor driverís activities and speed habits
  • Assign ID to driver

1 Real time tracking This provides all necessary information a basic tracking device should provide in real time every 30 seconds
2 Fleet Management tracking Inclusive of all feature of a real time tracker with the ability to assign internal ID to driver
3 Fleet Management Inclusive of all feature of fleet management
4 Tracking + ID tracking and the ability to integrate iBotton ID to the tracker
5 Advance fleet Management Inclusive of all the above features and integration of fuel management sensor

At AAR Tracking we see tracking of vehicles and other machineries beyond knowing the current location of vehicle and monitoring the driverísactivities. Today tracking maybe considered as a medium of proper management of asset as it can reduce private kilometre and extend vehicle servicing period, monitoring driverís speeding habit can reduce accident rate on the fleet, effective fuel management sensor can bring about saving on the fleet and finallytracking of vehicles can bring about increase in time management and productivity.


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