Always There Anytime Anywhere at Your Need

AA Rescue is an automobile recovery service company that will maximize your budget for the “towing limit” set for the automobile recovery of your client’s vehicles during breakdown or accident.Our vehicle recovery services covers Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt environs. A 24-hour service that involves the recovery of broken down vehicles from the point of incidence/accident to the desired location of the client, which could be the house or an Auto Workshop. We also recommend professional auto mechanics to assist in the repairs at the client's cost.


A member of AA Rescue is one who has registered one or more vehicles with us. He/she is entitled to 1 year free vehicle recovery within the stated coverage areas, membership card which admits you to various discount outlets. The various membership covers are:

  • STANDARD (1 car)=N36,750 per annum
  • FAMILY COVER (2cars) =N50,400 per annum
  • COMPREHENSIVE (3 cars) =N75,000 per annum
  • FLEET (4 – 100 Cars) =N24,500 each per annum
  • FLEET (101-300 cars) =N22,000 each per annum

We offer rescue services to non-members at a cost per distance


Your membership card will afford you discount at the business outlets below:

  • RAPID RESPONSE: Quick response to distress calls, thus giving you peace of mind whenever youexperience a breakdown.
  • DRIVERS/VEHICLE LICENSES: We assist members in facilitating the issuance and renewal of drivers/vehicle licenses as well as mandatory vehicle insurance.
  • CHEAPER COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE: Courtesy of our relationship with Zenith Insurance, Cornerstone Insurance,Mutual Benefit Insurance and FBN General Insurance, members get discount on their insurance policies.
  • VIP LOUNGE: FREE use of VIP LOUNGE for all AA Rescue members at the Old Local Airport and Muritala Mohammed Airport 2 in Lagos.

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