We have the pleasure of introducing our recruitment, training and outsourcing services to you and your organization. Our service in this specialized field is unique, detailed and flexible to the extent that the peculiarities of our array of clients are professionally attended to. Apart from the provision of trained and dependable drivers, this service affords our clients...Read More


AA RESCUE OUTSOURCING offers private corporate drivers in Lagos that suits the transportation needs of corporate executives and staff. We cater for all kind of corporate events with varied driving services in Lagos. AA Rescue guarantees a professional, timely, and dependable transportation services with drivers with rental cars. Tell us what are your company's transportation requirements and at AA RESCUE we will help you coordinate your corporate transportation agenda at the highest quality... Read More


Outsourcing fleet management can include anything from engaging external experts in the field to initial purchase and/or lease of your vehicles, through to day-to-day management, to replacement of batteries, tyres and exhausts, even arranging the fuel.

The real heart of outsourcing is the day-to-day operations, accident management... Read More


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