The biggest challenge for most companies is finding qualified drivers (Car and Truck Drivers as well as Dispatch Riders). Companies want to operate a private fleet with the safest and most customer-service focused professional drivers. The use of outsourced drivers or contract drivers in the corporate world is growing and it is expected to grow more in the future.

A key service of AA Rescue is the Driver's Recruitment and Outsourcing Service made available to both individuals and corporate bodies. We recruit drivers from all over the country. They are tested, trained and groomed by our pool of motoring experts before they are deployed to the client. We also believe in continuing education and therefore give periodic training to deployed staff. With our spread in many states in Nigeria, we are able to deliver on our promises and maintain a high standard all over the country.

Features of Specialised Services

  • Truck & Pool Drivers
  • Executive and Spy Drivers
  • Drivers


We will help you free your company from non-essential overheads by helping you to recruit FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, all categories of personnel, from truck drivers to call center operatives, receptionists, office personnel, proffessionals, support services etc. Our recruits are painstakingly selected and trained and tested by our pool of experts before being made available to our clients. Also, as part of our commitment to quality service, we give staff periodic training in both technical and business skills.

Outsourced Staff and Personnel

  • Contingency/Contract staffing
  • Flexible Staffing
  • Project Staffing
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Project Staffing

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