AA Rescue Testing and Certification program offers companies an opportunity to have their drivers approved by experts. Our package on Drivers Testing and Certification provides more than the ordinary Defensive Driving training, but also furnishes the truck driver with up-to-date know-how about Road Traffic Laws for reduced maintenance cost, durability on components' and vehicles' lifespan and reduced operational cost, besides behavioural change for better performance.

Get an approved Drivers from experts

Attendee Training / Evaluation Duration Testing/ Evaluation Duration Beginners Training (for Learners) Duration
Driver N40,000 2 Days N18,000 1 Day N50,000 2 months
Truck Driver N70,000 3 Days N25,000 1 Day N180,000 4 months
Forklift Operator N100,000 4 Days N25,000 1 Day N220,000 4 months
Other Heavy Duty Equipment Operator N100,000 4 Days N30,000 1 Day N220,000 4 months

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